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The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

As we approach the end of the holidays and enter into a new year, we slowly begin to recover

from the stress of the season. Our bodies feel tense and tired, even our immune systems are weakened, making us more susceptible to those nasty winter infections. Most of us also tend to overindulge in rich foods and spiked egg nog during these celebratory times. So what better time to engage in a healthy practice and start 2024 on a path of wellness? There are certainly many ways to begin this journey and along the way I urge you to consider getting regular massage therapy.

Massage is no longer considered just a luxury as more studies have proven its effectiveness on enhancing our general health. One of the many benefits of massage is that it triggers our

parasympathetic nervous system and the relaxation response. This is the opposite of the stress response in our body which, when we are chronically stressed, can cause prolonged muscle tension, high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia or anxiety. Getting regular massages can balance this out by slowing our heart rate, relaxing tense muscles, lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation and supporting our immune system. It is an important part of a wellness practice to make space for ourselves to relax and feel good.

If you are starting an exercise plan this year, therapeutic massage is an integral part of the

conditioning process. The improved blood and lymph circulation lead to the removal of waste products and better cell nutrition. This means you won’t be as sore, you will have increased flexibility and there will be less potential for injury. The increased circulation and cell waste removal is why your massage therapist always tells you to drink plenty of water after your session because it helps flush out the toxins.

Along with being an important aide to a fitness program, massage has wonderful detoxifying

effects for everyone. An excess of stress and toxins in our system can wreak havoc on our bodies and therapeutic massage can help restore the balance. Adding a monthly massage to your new year will certainly enhance your general feelings of wellness. Even when you are feeling good, prevention is the key! If you are very active, coming more often would be beneficial. Check with your health insurance to see if they offer any coverage for massage therapy. Let’s focus on feeling great this year!

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